Data Samples

The seismic stations deployed in Co. Donegal in the framework of the SIM-CRUST project recorded continuously between September 2012 and June 2016. Four seismic stations have been kept in the field after June 2016. All seismic data have been archived in the data repository of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in 1-day MSEED files. Data are available upon request to Dr. Nicola Piana Agostinetti (

Seismic recordings of four different types of seismic waves at DL21 (Milford). From the top to the bottom: a teleseimc earthquake (i.e. epicenter more than 3000 km away from the seismic sensor) occurred in Canada, a regional earthquake occurred in Scotland. An irish earthquake occurred near Coleraine, and a blast from a local quarry near Lough Salt. In all panel, three components (ZNE, Z-Vertical, N-North-South component, E- East-West component) are shown. A red bar indicates the arrival time of the P-wave. S-waves are shown with a blue bar.