Dublin Data Samples

Example of teleseismic earthquakes recorded by the Dublin Basin array. Teleseismic earthquakes commonly occur more than 3000 km away and propagate through the Earth's Mantle to the seismic station. Three components raw data are shown for different teleseismic events recorded at each station. Theoretical P- and S-wave arrivals are indicated by a blue and red line respectively on the seismograms. Locations of the source and receiver are plotted for reference and indicated by a red star and a blue triangle respectively (Licciardi, PhD thesis, 2017)

Example of RF computation at station DB01 for two different events. Details of each event are reported in the top row together with the source (red star) and station (blue triangle) locations. In the second row, three components raw data are plotted. In the third row, rotated components in the RTZ reference system. The 120s long time window centred around the P-wave arrival showed here is the blue area of the previous plots. The last row shows the Radial and Transverse RF computed by deconvolving the Z component from R and T respectively for a frequency cutoff of 1 Hz. Although the two events give rise to different seismograms, the resulting RFs are very similar.